Cinnamon Apple Tea Latte #drinks #latte

Cinnamon Apple Tea Latte #drinks #latte

Getting out the entryway in time for work and simultaneously bolstering yourself with something nourishing can be troublesome. Since surrendering my day by day coffee latte propensity, I've needed to make my very own recipes at home. This Yummy Cinnamon Apple Tea Latte fulfills my hankering for my every day latte and gives my day a sweet beginning.

This is a simple recipe highlights sound fixings, so you're accomplishing something bravo. I trust you appreciate it!

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Cinnamon Apple Tea Latte #drinks #latte #tea #winter #recipes

Cinnamon Apple Tea Latte - Custom made and Simple!

  • 2 cups of any type of milk (I use coconut milk)
  • 1 black tea bag (English Breakfast is my favorite)
  • 1 organic apple, cored and chopped
  • 1 tablespoon honey or a few drops of liquid stevia
  • cinnamon

  1. Heat milk, tea bag, chopped apple and honey in a saucepan until the tea bag is steeped. (About 6 minutes.)
  2. When milk reaches desired temperature, run liquid through a sieve and pour into your mug.

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