Prepared for some plate of mixed greens love? This Crunchy Detox Salad is a ultra straightforward formula both for the plate of mixed greens and its dressing. It's made with new, neighborhood and natural fixings that are fresh and overflowing with flavor.

The motivation for this vivid plate of mixed greens originates from the Whole Foods Market close to my home. Recently they've been serving an extremely magnificent cleaved detox plate of mixed greens that I purchase frequently. Indeed, I get it so frequently that I thought perhaps I should simply endeavor to reproduce it at home. This Crunchy Detox Salad is my riff on things. This is one of my most loved detox plate of mixed greens formulas!!

This detox serving of mixed greens is stacked with broccoli, cauliflower, parsley, carrots , raisins and sunflower seeds. Where I exchanged things up a tad was I included a fistful of slashed simmered almonds (who doesn't love more crunch), some purple cabbage, celery, and I add nectar and ginger to the lemon in my vinaigrette.

The way to this 3 fixing vinaigrette is to give it a chance to sit in the ice chest for around 60 minutes (longer in the event that you have sufficient energy) before preparing it with the plate of mixed greens. Wow… .the kind of this vinaigrette after it's been in the refrigerator for a bit is so great, you'll need to drink it!


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  •  2 cups cauliflower
  •  2 cups broccoli
  •  1 cup red cabbage, roughly chopped
  •  1 cup carrots, roughly chopped
  •  1-1/2 cups fresh parsley
  •  2 celery stalks
  •  ½ cup almonds
  •  1/2 cup sunflower seeds
  •  1/3 cup organic raisins

 For the Vinaigrette

  •  3 Tbsp olive oil
  •  ½ cup lemon juice
  •  1 tablespoon fresh ginger, peeled and grated
  •  2 tablespoons clover honey
  •  1/2 teaspoon sea salt


  1. Either chop the ingredients using a good sharp knife, or toss them individually in a food processor and quickly process until they're finely chopped.
  2. Add all of the salad ingredients to a large bowl and toss with the vinaigrette.
  3. For the Vinaigrette
  4. Place the ingredients for the vinaigrette in a jar with a lid. Place the lid on the jar and shake the ingredients. Or place all of the ingredients in a small bowl and whisk to incorporate well. Best if refrigerated for up to an hour before use.

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